Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl Kitty is hungry but patient

(Stock photo of Girl Kitty)

For some reason unknown to me, I seem to be incapable of reacting in a timely fashion to the signs of the inevitable need to buy more cans of cat food for Girl Kitty.

She has switched to a diet of entirely soft-food since her unfortunate accident last year and the subsequent discovery of her tooth disease and removal of 5-teeth.

Since then I have proven over-and-over again that I won't go buy more cat food until I have used-up the last can and she is meowing to be fed. Last night I opened the last can, and this morning I fed her the last of it. Since she finished licking-out her bowl, she has been curled-up in front of her dish patiently and hopefully waiting while purring encouragement for me to get her more food.

Update: Food has been acquired, applied and appreciated. All is good and purry with the world.