Saturday, January 3, 2009

So That's How It Ends

About 2-years ago my father was changing a light bulb at the community pool when the light pole, against which his ladder was leaning, collapsed. He was at the top of the ladder at a height of about 15 feet. He told me later that as he and the ladder arced toward the ground he thought "So this is how it ends.". Luckily he landed on grass and not on the concrete. So while he did break both bones in one arm and had a ladder-rung shaped bruise across his abdomen, it wasn't the end of him. Thankfully, he's going to have to wait a little longer to find out how he ends.

When I found-out that JournalSpace was no more, I had the same thought about my blogging that my father had when he fell. I thought "So this is how it ends." But now, with everyone establishing new blogs and me needing to find the new blogs and a new blogging home, I'm finding it has invigorated my interest in blogging. So it turns-out it is not the end of my blogging.

Here's to a new beginning *raises glass to all fellow JSers*.

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