Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's all the little things, and it's starting to get to me

The auction for JS ends in about a day, and if someone buys it and puts-up a site anything like the old JS -- I'm there.

While I'm enjoying the use of a standard tool that plays nicely with all the blogging tools out there, the lack of the social networking features are killing me.

I can't easily click on the list of viewers who have visited and go see their sites.

When I visit a blog, I have to leave a comment so the blogs that I visit know I read and care, instead of having the knowledge that they will see that I've visited in their statistics. I'm not good at quick comments, and it's slowing-down my blog reading something fierce. It would be faster if I just posted a reading list here. Hmmm, maybe I'll do that.

And finally, the inability to PM people. I didn't use it much, but when I did, it was a very nice way to communicate more openly and deeply within the JS community.

Friday, January 9, 2009

And so ends the first work week of 2008 2009

This evening is the first normal, nice evening we've had this week.

We're just sitting back and watching TV. Thing2 is a little manic and she's very chatty so we watch a few minutes of our show, pause TIVO, chat, and then resume the show.

And tomorrow will be more TV. With all the football playoff games happening this weekend, we're not going to get much done. But it will be fun!

Update: If you haven't seen the JS YouTube, go check it out at JadedJ's place.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood

The Blue Ocean Institute has compiled a guide to help consumers make appropriate choices when eating fish. Full List of Seafood


The fish listed as 'red' are:
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Halibut
Atlantic Salmon
Caviar from the Caspian Sea and wild-caught North American
Chilean Sea Bass
Fresh Water farmed Eel
Orange Roughy
Oreos (the fish, not the cookie)
Imported Sharks
Farmed or wild-caught Imported Shrimp
Japanese farmed Yellowtail

MSNBC's Chris Matthews won't run for Senate

MSNBC's Chris Matthews won't run for Senate
"He is now said to be mulling a contract renewal offer from MSNBC."

Translation: He opened his latest financial statement and saw that like most other millionaires, he's seen his net worth plummet about 40% and he needs to stay where the pay is highest if he wants to maintain his standard of living.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's nothing better than extended family

I had dinner last night with my second cousins (or first cousins once removed... I forget how it works.)

It was a delightful and relaxing evening spent with people I've known all my life, but who don't have an overly strong sense of (what's the word I want here... something that infers the kind of baggage a parent or even a sibling might bring to the table...)*runs off to consult thesaurus* -- vested interest seems to be the closest I can get. I hope you get the idea.

In any case, whatever words are used, it was much needed and much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not a good day -- at all

I wish I could throw my blanket over my head and hide from the world like Linus in the Peanuts cartoons.

Google's ironic AdSense

When I checked the web page today, this is what I saw:

While this is certainly ironic, I would like to point-out to everyone that while Dylan's lack of complete backup did cause damage to many of us. I dare you to find anyone who hasn't experienced the loss of some electronic material. It's one of those things that happens. So this post isn't intended to heap on the ridicule.
Karma's a bitch, and I don't have everything of mine totally backed-up either. *knock on wood*, *runs-off to schedule a total backup*.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm so happy that my fellow JSers continue to trickl in

It's good to feel the ties with my fellow JournalSpace refugees continue to strengthen as we establish our journals again. I'm beginning to feel less shell-shocked and sad.

My one disappointment is that the Googlebot did not archive my 'Cool links' category.. probably not enough non-linky material. I was relying on many of those posts for my own reference. I doubt I've bookmarked even half of them. I've already needed to lookup two of them in the last two days.

Maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and Dylan will be able to send me a full archive of my old blog. I hope so, but I'm not counting on it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Still a Work in Progress

I got SiteMeter installed a little while ago.

The feature I miss most about JS are the list of JS users that have visited recently.

On the other hand, I can understand why blogger doesn't offer this feature. Since our google indentities are often used for many different purposes besides blogging, it would not be cool to be tracked when ever we were logged-in to google. I can think of ways around this, like a privacy option for your google identity, but I suppose it's not worth their time.

I still need to spend some time getting my format back to the way I want it. But that will probably take another week.

So far I've spent the better part of a day exploring different blogging sites. Then I spent another day tracking-down and catching-up with all the other JS refugees. There is still a big hole where LostKittens, ToddLite and Magdalene should be. I hope they show-up sometime in the future.

Update: Several of you have asked how to get this. Fitzgerald recommended several sitemeter tools in this post at Dorrie's forum.
If you chose sitemeter, go to and get an account.
Then go to their help page and follow the instructions for inserting the appropriate html code in your blog.
It should only take you a few minutes!

I must be insane

Dylan has put JournalSpace up for auction at eBay.

For some reason unknown to me, I'm tempted to bid on it.

I'm thinking this must be a symptom of insanity because I have absolutely no experience running a web site. While I have years of software development experience, very little of it would be relevant to owning and running a site like JS.

In the ideal world, I'd like to join a consortium of people who would buy and own JS. However, it's always problematic to coordinate a group effort - so that idea may be even more 'round-the-bend than the idea of simply bidding on JS.