Saturday, January 3, 2009

So That's How It Ends

About 2-years ago my father was changing a light bulb at the community pool when the light pole, against which his ladder was leaning, collapsed. He was at the top of the ladder at a height of about 15 feet. He told me later that as he and the ladder arced toward the ground he thought "So this is how it ends.". Luckily he landed on grass and not on the concrete. So while he did break both bones in one arm and had a ladder-rung shaped bruise across his abdomen, it wasn't the end of him. Thankfully, he's going to have to wait a little longer to find out how he ends.

When I found-out that JournalSpace was no more, I had the same thought about my blogging that my father had when he fell. I thought "So this is how it ends." But now, with everyone establishing new blogs and me needing to find the new blogs and a new blogging home, I'm finding it has invigorated my interest in blogging. So it turns-out it is not the end of my blogging.

Here's to a new beginning *raises glass to all fellow JSers*.


  1. Love the story about your Dad! Happy New Year to you and Thing2 :)

  2. Happy New Year to you both.

    I've found the same thing about the blogging. Getting out of the rut and looking for and connecting with others again has really been a blogging catalyst.

  3. Hi KIT :) Thanks for adding me so I could find you and put you on my follow too.

    Yup, it's a new year, and now we have new blogging homes!

    I'm happily blogging away and reading and commenting in TWO blog sites, lol!

    I have'nt had time for my singing site for a few days, but will get on over there too.

    Good thing I'm retired, or I would not even be blogging at any site(well, maybe I'd be)

    Hope you and Thing2 have a nice Sunday and hope 2009 is good to you!


  4. I know, I had all but stopped blogging, as you know, and now I am on fire! I love blogspot much better anyway. good to see you!

  5. When one door closes ...another opportunity ALWAYS presents itself - you just have to figure out what it is. Welcome to your new spot on the internet.

  6. I was wondering where you were. Glad you made it over here. Top of the year to you and that other thing.

  7. I rode a ladder to the ground while installing a window on the second floor. I'm really glad I had nails in it before the ladder failed. It was bad enough landing on my tailbone and having my leg over one rung and under the next, the window would have finished me off if it had fallen out :-)

  8. Joan - Glad you liked the story. I'm not sure if I had posted it at JS, but I guess I don't have to worry about repeating myself since JS is no more (for now).
    GBlogger - Catalyst is the perfect word for it.
    Kate - You are such a dependable blogger I would never have guessed that you were feeling the catalyst effect.
    Judy - I'm only following one of your sites. Should I be following both of them?
    Holly - You are one my favorite writers, so I'm delighted that you are feeling at home here at blogspot.
    Cathy - I've found that when the door closes, sometimes you really have to squeeze to get into the one that opens :) This time it was a more comfortable transition, but still a little bit of a climb.
    JadedJ - I was locked-out of the forum for several days, but I was lurking from day-one.
    Doug - I'm glad you weren't more seriously injured. People underestimate the danger of using ladders and just how short a fall can result in serious injury to our fragile physical selves.

  9. Yes, I feel the same about being invigorated. So, a toast to you and our fellow JS'ers.

  10. Welcome HSack -- it's great to see you!