Monday, February 9, 2009

The flames were 6-inches high...

Tonight I started a small fire in our oven.

I put some cheesy garlic bread on to broil, with the intention of just warming it up.
I got distracted for a few minutes and when I turned around there was smoke pouring out of the oven. When I opened the door, the toast was fully engulfed in flames.

I tried blowing it out, but it was way past that stage.

Thing2 was yelling at me to put water on it. So I pulled-out the rack, and swatted the flaming toast with the pot holder. That put out the fire, but it was still smoking like crazy, so I put it in the sink and ran water over it.

Then we had to run around opening all the windows and doors. For some reason the smoke detector never went off. I hope it isn't broken.


  1. To state the obvious...check that smoke detector! Kitchen fires scare me. I have an extinguisher and salt readily available at all times.

  2. Push that little "test" button on the smoke detector, and do it pretty regularly. If it couldn't pick up on smoke from burning garlic toast, it's not working right!

  3. The detector is very hard to reach in the stairwell ceiling, if I can find a way to get to safely get to it using a ladder.