Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing2's ongoing progress

At her lowest, Thing2 weighed 98 pounds, plus or minus a few ounces. She is 5' 5" tall and a normal weight for her is 135. At 115 she is very skinny. At 98 pounds she has no fat. Her BMI is 13, and it's not because she has a lot of lean muscle, it's because she has no fat left. None. No butt, no nothing.
She is now about 101.5 pounds. On Monday we realized that we should research the proper protocol for someone who is this skinny beginning to eat normally.

I found that this process is called 'refeeding'. Unfortunately, there are some serious risks mentioned in the web articles, and now Thing2 is freaking-out about it.
I'm almost sorry I looked. But it was probably important to know that carbohydrates can cause blood chemistry imbalances, and that a high-fat diet is most helpful. So that's what we're doing.

I called her doctor today to ask if he would do a full blood panel to make sure that the refeeding process is going OK, and that her blood chemistry is in the normal range. Unfortunately, he never called back.


  1. I just finished catching up on all the other posts. Good news about T2! Sorry to hear about the weight drop though. Will the doc refer you to a dietician?

  2. Keep at it, M! Slow and careful is the operative method right now.

    Wishing you and T2 the best. Your strength and love will see her through...I know that.

  3. I never thought about putting weight on, that it could be rather dangerous from a chemistry point of view. However, her blood chemistry at such a low weight must have been seriously off, too.

    With you watching and caring for her, I trust that T2 will regain her health and her weight back, and safely.

  4. Kate - We are trying to get a referal for a nutritionist/dietician.

    Mr. S - Thanks for the positive thoughts.

    Doug - I never thought about putting weight on either.

  5. I'm not sure I would be real happy with that doctor, particularly given how tenuous T2's condition is. My doctor is a jewel among doctors. She always calls us back...even if it's after hours. We also have her cell number...not too many doctors would give out that information.

    Positive thinking here going on for the both of you.