Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WOW!, Just WOW

I just finished listening to Obama's speech. It was incredible and I know that I will remember this speech for the rest of my life.

I already have a sense that tomorrow things will be better, and the day after that will be better again.

I think this must have been something like what it was to watch one of JFK's historic speeches. I am too young to remember him, let alone Roosevelt.

If any of you are old enough, please tell how it compares.


  1. I love having a President that can speak coherently, intelligently and knows the direction that he wants to go and it is NOT over a cliff or into the desert. I am with you - this has got to be what it was like when JFK was President. I was feeling so down yesterday and going into last night but after the speech I felt a bit better. It just gets overwhelming you know?

  2. Seriously? FDR? America invented the automobile?

  3. Burst - The mass produced automobile suitable for sales to non-mechanics was invented here. That phrase doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. I'll forgive him a little imprecision in his speech any day, compared to someone who lies us about torture and the reasons for war.

    Let's keep it in perspective.