Sunday, April 19, 2009

How One Woman Saved 2,000 Frames of Early Moon Missions


The image taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 had never been seen at its full resolution until its retrieval by an Ames Research Center team.

From the LA Times:
NASA's early lunar images, in a new light

Pictures from the mid-1960s Lunar Orbiter program lay forgotten for decades. But one woman was determined to see them restored.

Altogether, nearly 2,000 frames were photographed by the five missions, each of which ended with a silent crash onto the lunar surface.

Although the original high-resolution images were saved on 2-inch-wide tape, those pictures weren't seen by the public.


  1. This is very cool! I missed the LAT story....

    I'm glad someone saved these priceless images.

  2. Makes you wonder how much stuff NASA destroyed. It's a beautiful photo.

  3. Beautiful isn't it? I know here at the library I'm always amazed by how things are lost, discarded, given away... things that I see value in.