Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nellie Bly and the story of the story of Nellie Bly

I have only a passing acquaintance with the story of Nellie Bly.  I believe there was a paragraph or two in my history book regarding her groundbreaking journalistic expose about a New York mental hospital which she got herself admitted to by pretending mental illness.

I've run across snippets about her over the years, and would like to read a serious biography of her.  For some reason, all the books I've seen until now were childrens.

Last night I noticed an audio book called 'Eighty Days', a new book about her race around the world.  I'll post more on that as soon as I've read it...

However, my library also has book about Nellie Bly published in 1951 by the American Flange and Manufacturing Company.  What?!?   Why would this company print this book?  I will have to check it out. --

Meanwhile - online resources :

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