Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm not sure who's still around to see this.  But for the benefit of anyone who does wander by, here's the run down.

After we moved to the town on the coast, in late June of 2012, it took 3-weeks (and super-human effort by the team of workers our agent arranged) to get our place fixed, painted and staged.  It sold in 4-days and closed in 21.  We were completely done with our old place by early August. So you would think it would not have taken us much time to find our next place right?  Wrong. There are not very many houses on the market, and fewer and fewer were available as the months went by.

However, after some drama (which I may write about in another post), we managed to buy a house ,and lucky for us, it is actually our dream house too.  Although by the time we found it in early March, we were willing to settle for anything we could bear to live in.  We got very lucky when this place came available.  It's everything I've ever wanted in a house.   Thing2 and I refer to it as our forever house.

We love living in a beach town.  And I am OK with my commute.

All's well that ends well as far as our housing goes.

Just another day in paradise


  1. I am here to see and I am so glad to read all is well with you and Thing2! ((hug))

  2. I'm so glad you dropped by too!

  3. By the way O~, I tried to stop by your blog and leave a comment. I'm not sure I was successful. The layout did not want to show me comment boxes. Not sure what that was about...