Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just when you think it can't get any worse...

I've long subscribed to the belief that one should never say/think that things can't get any worse, because in my experience, that's just when the unthinkable/unexpected will happen and you'll find yourself in even more dire straights.

Yesterday we spent much of the day in and out of the local urgent care clinic. Thing2 was pushing-off with her hand, while getting out of the aerobed, when she slipped and her hand slid thumb-first into the floor with all her weight on it. She knew her thumb dislocated, but unfortunately x-rays showed that she broke her thumb and a bone in her hand. So they slapped a cast on her hand to protect her thumb.

Since this is her only hand, and it now has a cast on it -- she is almost helpless.

She can't open cans or bottles to get boost, gatorade or gingerale to drink. She can't lift and pour any pitchers or cartons to get any milk or juice. She has to hold everything between her four fingers on her right hand and her little left arm, which means that when she reaches out to put it down, her reach is limited to the lenght of her arm to her elbow. She is also unable to pull any boxes out of the cupboard unless it's on the lowest shelf right in front.

I'm thinking I may have to take some family leave to take care of her.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry. That does seem incredibly awkward. Do you have any family that can help?

  2. Her sister to whom she is closest is in town for the next week, and her mother and two other sisters live locally. But, who would you rather have help you with personal care (shower, toilet, etc...), your spouse or your mother or sisters?

    It's not a question for me, I would really, really want Thing2 to be there for me. And I want to be there for her.

    I may be able to work it out so I can work at home 4-hours a day. That might be OK by my boss and still make me available to Thing2.

  3. I'm glad that your company will be open to that. It makes a huge difference! When I mentioned family I was thinking about dinner and gatorade, but the bathroom thing changes everything.

  4. Kate - Yep, the bathroom thing changes everything. I'm going to go to our local medical supply store to see if they have any adaptive equipment that might help.

  5. Wow, that's awful! How long will she have to wear the cast?

  6. I sympathize with the caretaker role you are about to assume. I had that for my mother for over a year and a half. But hopefully, not that long for you. Nevertheless, let me know what I can advise.

  7. Always amazing the things that happen to people in life and the amount of chaos that ensues in trying to deal with the aftermath. A broken bone in the hand probably gonna take a while to heal before usable? Sorry to hear that.

  8. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. We don't yet know how long she will have to wear the cast. We'll know more when she has the follow-up appointment with the orthopedic clinic.

    HSack - Thanks for the offer. So far we're managing, but I'll let you know.

  9. Oh noooo! I really know what Thing2 is going through...and I feel so bad for her.

    My left hand is practically useless. I cannot open jars with it, or a kazillion other things, and my right hand/wrist is going too.

    ***Here's a idea for pouring*** Say it's a gallon of water, instead of "lifting" the bottle, just put your glass there, and "tip" the bottle so it pours into the glass or cup.***

    Oh! Hold the can of Gingerale with elbow against the body, and use a spoon to lift up the pull-tab.

    It will be a long time for the bone to mend. And then afterwards still have to be very careful. My Doc said (re: my foot)it will re-break with any stress put on it.

    That's so great of you to take leave and help her. That will help tremendously with her getting better....