Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday morning

I didn't wake-up until nearly 9:00 this morning. Thing2 had been awake all night and was rum-dum with fatigue.

Sweetheart that she is, she had made coffee. But, I didn't go shopping yesterday and we are out of nearly all essentials, so we had to get creative with the cream for our coffee. Usually we use half-and-half. This morning we had the following choices: heavy cream, light whipped cream from a bottle, or low-fat chocolate milk. We chose to mix all three and have a rich mocha latte. It was very good!

I've been perusing journals and playing linez.

Oh, and I checked-out the JS eBay auction and saw that someone swooped in at the last second and picked it up for $5600. The next chapter of the JS saga is in their hands now. I checked-out the value using and for small markets it estimated $6K to $14K, and for medium markets $14K to $22K. We shall see...

Now I need to head off to Costco for the necessities:
Calistoga (various flavors, not plain)
Kirkland organic chocolate milk in single-serving boxes
Paper towels
Woolite laundry detergent
Sour French Bread
Fresh sliced mango
Fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
Odwalla Orange Juice
1/2 gallon Half-and-Half
Thermacare hot-packs for the lower back (if you haven't tried these, you are missing the best invention since massages.)
Kirkland brand ibuprofen in capsules
Bandaids (Thing2's fingers are splitting at the corners of her nails and we're using buckets of bandaids because they have to be replaced every time she washes her hands.)


  1. Did they show who bought JS? (not that I'm not interested in the other parts of your day...especially the grocery list...what is Odwalla?)

  2. JJ - Odwalla is a brand of fresh squeezed orange juice. I'm glad you're interested in my grocery list because I would be really hurt if you didn't find it fascinating. ;)
    eBay keeps the identity of the bidders private, only the seller knows.

  3. Odd.

    Actually I'm about to do a post as to the identity of the buyer. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't been scooped.

  4. So, we've been sold. Wonder who our new owner is?

    Nice to find you! I agree - rarely drink coffee but when I do I need real cream.

  5. I can't hold back any longer. The secret is out over at jadedj's:

    You saw it there first folks.

  6. My fingers are very sore from the weather; cracked, skin peeling along the nails etc. I use a lot of hand lotion, but it doesn't help much this year for some reason. Last year I had almost no problems with dry skin.

  7. I'm glad I read this - I forgot that I have a mango of my very own in the 'fridge. Oh, and the cream-half&half-chocolate milk-coffee concoction sounds worth trying, too.