Friday, March 6, 2009

I saw red today

I briefly left Thing2's bedside this morning, and when I returned the nurse told me that they were going to be sending Thing2 home today.

I was shocked. It had been my understanding that when she was medically stable, she would be transferred to the 'Behavioral Sciences' (Psychiatric) unit where they could manage her medicine and mania.

After numerous frantic phone calls, a run down 4-flights of stairs to trying to catch the idiot who made the moronic decision, I finally got them to admit her by refusing to take her home. I said "Well, I don't know what you think you're going to do, because I'm not taking her home." At that point the idiot said, "well we can admit her if you say that she can't come home. "

I quickly said, "Fine. She can't come home."

And so it came to pass that she was still in the hospital this evening when she told me that she was having chest pain, radiating up to her left arm. She's never had the pain before. I notified her nurse and they brought the crash cart with one of those automatic defibrillators. After a minute, the machine announced that a shock was not necessary. Still, they continued taking vital signs and drew a blood sample. Eventually, the pain subsided. I suppose we won't ever know exactly what it was.

Still, I think that Thing2 was quite relieved to be in the hospital when this happened.


  1. Geez, what were they thinking? It's good that you were able to get the docs to see your line of reasoning.

    We had the opposite problem, six weeks after Tyler had heart surgery. He needed to get out of a hospital environment, and they wanted to keep him longer because he was "underweight". Duh. He had always been underweight, and he just spent six weeks hooked to machines. It was a minor struggle, but they allowed him to come home. He was able to spend his first birthday at home.

    Doctors aren't infallible, but they don't always see the whole picture, yanno? They see their own specialty and some of them don't like to confer with others.

    I hope T2's issue is a one time thing related to what's going on right now.

  2. Good for you! Somehow, it seems hospitals often try to release patients who need help and retain those who don't.

    Glad the chest pains didn't amount to anything, but very glad she was in the right place when they occurred.

    Once again, T2 is lucky to have you. But while you're caring for her, make sure you care for yourself too, Mmmkay?

  3. Doug -- I'm certain her issue is just what's going on now.

    MrS - I am planning to relax today. I'll take Thing2 some things she needs and spend about an hour with her. Then I'm going to have lunch with her sister, her niece and the new baby. I hope to go out to dinner and a movie with a friend.

    Right now I'm relaxing on our deck enjoying the morning sun. It's a glorious day!