Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Giants!

I've been a Giants fan ever since I listened to their games with my grandmother.
I am enjoying the race to the finish line this season. It isn't often that their games are still significant at this time of the season.

Maybe next year Thing2 will be well enough to go to a game. Their ball park is supposed to be really nice, but I have never been there.

This seems like a very lame post, but I wanted to put up something tonight, and I couldn't think of anything else that wouldn't take a lot of time.

Here's what I would write about if I had the time...
--- Our desire to live somewhere else
--- Girl Kitty's obsession with a baby opposum that's frequenting the back yard in the evenings
--- New lawnmower saga
--- Aunt who recently passed away
--- Transformation of Boss from hell who micromanages and is incredibly critical, to a reasonable facsimile of a decent boss -- following his one-month vacation to India. Let's hope it sticks.
--- Google recruiter who cold-called me. I owe her a resume, but I haven't written it yet. This week has not been good.


  1. Sounds like you do have a lot going on. I don't think it's a lame post. Blogging is supposed to be about things relevant to you. In this case the Giants. I've always loved the sound of football. Back when I watched live TV I would turn on a game on the weekend just for the sound of the game.

    Glad to hear girl kitty is doing well and really hope your boss's enlightenment remains intact.

  2. My cat used to make friends with the local possums...something about similar intelligences getting along, I think.

    Maybe it's a good thing to not have time to write about all this, though I'm up for reading it all!