Friday, October 1, 2010


I know I promised pictures, but all my pictures are my desktop in the kitchen, and I generally use that in the morning. In the evening, I use my work-issued laptop so I can watch TV, socialize with Thing2 and surf/play/blog. All that is a long way of saying that you are going to have to wait a little longer for any pictures.

And I don't suggest holding your breath, tomorrow is going to be another busy day for us. When Thing2 was so sick, we got seriously behind in all the household management chores. Long story short, our house went to hell in a handbasket. We're still working on cleaning-out and cleaning-up. And this isn't easy. We've tried hiring a number of different people to help us. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages -- but it seems like things are going so slowly even though I feel like I'm killing myself working so hard. Tomorrow we have our first appointment with someone who specializes in helping people get organized to move. I have high hopes that this will get us unstuck and moving forward.


  1. Let us know when the "Hoarders" episode airs, KiT!

    Catching up on cleaning, sorting and getting rid of things isn't easy. Been there, done that. But I'm sure you'll have things in order soon.

    In the meantime, it's good to see posts from you, even if they're short....

  2. Thanks Mr. S. - We have auditioned for "Hoarders", but we haven't gotten the call-back. I'm sure it will be any day. We'll let you know ;)

  3. Nice to see you again. *hugs* Good luck!!

  4. It is so easy to acquire stuff over the years and you really don't know how much you have until you move. Glad to see you here!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Kate and Wildstorm!