Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Morning

The pelicans have been meeting-up at our local estuary every morning after they get their breakfast. They fly in by the 10's and 20's every minute or so. Once they land, they join the flock and preen vigorously. The other day we counted more than 150 arrivals.


  1. Nothin' like a little vigorous preening to start the day!

    Nice to have that in your area. All I see when walking is squirrels and dragonflies....

  2. Beautiful photo! I love those white pelicans, ours are all brown.

  3. Mr. S. - Well it's not all pelicans and dandilions at the wetlands, today we cut our walk short because there were clouds of mosquitoes after us.

    Bethany - We see only the brown pelicans on the coast. My understanding is that the white pelicans are fresh water and brackish water only.

  4. That makes sense. In Abilene, we had a year round white pelican resident in the lake by the zoo. He was injured one year during migration and settled down to stay on the lake. He's the only one I've ever seen in person. Tennison was terrified of him.