Monday, October 4, 2010

The news could be better

Photo from last year. The hawk was hunting a lizard or skink. She was sitting not 10 feet from the trail on a sign that said 'Environmentally sensitive area'.

Mom is still in the hospital. She had a bad reaction to the IV antibiotic they are using to treat the infection in her hip, it was damaging her kidneys. So a week after surgery to remove the infected prosthetic hip, she is still in the hospital. She sounded pretty good this afternoon, but by this evening she called and sounded much worse.

I'm glad my Dad's there. I'm wondering if I need to go visit sooner than I was planning to. My Aunt's memorial service is this weekend, and I was planning to be there Saturday and Sunday...


  1. Sorry to hear it's not going well with your Mother. I hope she's much stronger soon.

  2. For some reason, the "comments" feature hasn't been working for me. But even so, hours later, I still think it would do you good to visit your mom ASAP, and might even speed up her recovery! Never underestimate the healing properties of spreading a little cheer.

    And I love the hawk photo, too. Even if she was being environmentally insensitive by spotting a tasty endangered species.... ;)