Thursday, October 21, 2010

That Girl

I was a pre-teen when That Girl was on television, and Marlo Thomas' character was exactly my image of what life could be like when I grew up.

When she did Free to Be You and Me she just confirmed herself as one of the cool adults in my book.

This morning I listened to an interview she did on NPR promoting her new book.
Marlo Thomas Remembers 'Growing Up Laughing' : NPR
Marlo Thomas has written a memoir about the sound and spirit that was so formative in her life and the lives of others. Host Scott Simon talks with the actress and activist about her book, Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny.

I haven't read any of her books, but I'm going to check for this one at my library.


  1. gosh, I used to watch "That Girl"! I loved the show and loved Marlo Thomas. Is the show on DVD? I'll have to google it and her... thanks for reminding me!

  2. Yep - Much to my surprise, That Girl is available on DVD. I wonder if the show is anything like I remember it.