Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nellie Bly

Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.
Nellie Bly's Motto

I was following a thread on the internet, and it led me to Nellie Bly. I had all but forgotten her, although I know her name, and I know that I've read little bits about her. All I remembered was her expose of conditions in a New York mental hospital.

I did not know that she is considered a pioneer of investigative journalism. Here are some other tidbits I did not know about her.

  • She travelled around the world in a little over 72 days.

  • She married an industrialist, and upon his death in 1904 she became the head of the company.

  • She was the first woman war correspondent during WWI.

  • She also has her own web site Nellie Bly Online if you want to read more about this fascinating woman.

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