Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood

The Blue Ocean Institute has compiled a guide to help consumers make appropriate choices when eating fish. Full List of Seafood


The fish listed as 'red' are:
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Halibut
Atlantic Salmon
Caviar from the Caspian Sea and wild-caught North American
Chilean Sea Bass
Fresh Water farmed Eel
Orange Roughy
Oreos (the fish, not the cookie)
Imported Sharks
Farmed or wild-caught Imported Shrimp
Japanese farmed Yellowtail


  1. Being a addicted seafood eater, this is great information. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. JJ- It IS great information. I've only had Orange Roughy a few times in my life, but when I read that they don't mature sexually for 20-years, it made me heartsick.
    It is completely immoral to use a slow-growing resource like that as a commercial food product.

  3. I love grouper and red snapper. Also a fish named 'sheephead'

    Thanks for this info!

  4. Judy - I had to go check-out Sheephead fish on wikipedia. According to the Wiki, it's a particularly sweet and tasty fish because of its crustacean diet. It sounds delicious, but it's a southern fish, so I'll have to wait until I visit Florida. :)