Sunday, January 4, 2009

Still a Work in Progress

I got SiteMeter installed a little while ago.

The feature I miss most about JS are the list of JS users that have visited recently.

On the other hand, I can understand why blogger doesn't offer this feature. Since our google indentities are often used for many different purposes besides blogging, it would not be cool to be tracked when ever we were logged-in to google. I can think of ways around this, like a privacy option for your google identity, but I suppose it's not worth their time.

I still need to spend some time getting my format back to the way I want it. But that will probably take another week.

So far I've spent the better part of a day exploring different blogging sites. Then I spent another day tracking-down and catching-up with all the other JS refugees. There is still a big hole where LostKittens, ToddLite and Magdalene should be. I hope they show-up sometime in the future.

Update: Several of you have asked how to get this. Fitzgerald recommended several sitemeter tools in this post at Dorrie's forum.
If you chose sitemeter, go to and get an account.
Then go to their help page and follow the instructions for inserting the appropriate html code in your blog.
It should only take you a few minutes!


  1. Where and how did you install your site meter?

  2. Site meter was the first thing I looked for after setting up my blog. In some ways I like the expanded stats options more than I like the stats on my JS blog, but I still like you miss seeing the names of those that have visited.

  3. ditto to Pastor Larry's question...where does one get it?

  4. Yes, me too. Does is work good? What about one of those feedjit thingies? Wouldn't that kind of work? Only thing is I wouldn't know how to place any of them in my journals with this xml...

  5. I've been on blogspot for a while and I'm still learning new tricks, on a regular basis, for updating my sites.

    Very fun . . . learning. No?

  6. I have SiteMeter installed, I just followed the instructions. If you know where a JSer was living, you can make pretty good guesses who is hitting your blog by going to details and clicking on the tiny numbered icons..