Sunday, June 28, 2009

A much needed blogging vacation comes to an end (probably)

The last few months has been quite a journey. And I'm sure it's only the beginning.

Thing2 and I are trying to get out every weekend for some good walks. (Not hikes, I HATE hiking- I've hated it with a passion since I was 5-years old... but that's another story.)

Here are two photos from the walk we took yesterday on the coast. The first photo is from the beginning, when there was still fog blowing through the top of the trees. The second one is from the end of the walk, when the fog had completely cleared.

Learning of the day: Always look at the menu before being seated at a restaurant that is new to you. (I don't have time to write about why, but I think you can guess.)


Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Overlook


  1. Nice to see you again. Love the bottom pic!

  2. Hey there. Glad you're back! That last photo...I WANT TO BE THERE *envy, envy*

  3. Hey! Happy trails, eh?

    I hate menu surprises...

  4. lovely photos... nice to see you around again

  5. I want to be there too. Glad you two are able to get out together. That is wonderful.

  6. Thanks everyone. The second photo really captures the day, although it doesn't include the wonderful harbor seals that were resting on the beach we overlooked. We had a great time watching a pup and it's mother make their way up the surf-line and then onto the beach... only when the mother looked over her shoulder she saw the pup had chickend-out and returned to the ocean. So she did too. They hauled out a little further up... and then went back in the water again. It appeared to be a goldilocks situation. "This one's too hard, this ones too soft..."