Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surprise, surprise... Not the day I expected, but good none the less

Thing2 and I were minding our business this morning. I had just finished my first cup of coffee, and Thing2 had just discovered that our refrigerator had turned itself off. (Thing2: "The items on the door of the refrigerator sure don't stay very cold... wait... there seems to be something wrong with the refrigerator, nothing's very cold.") I get up to have a look at it and I see that the display on the door looks like "0 FF". I immediately thought it was a hexadecimal number, but then it dawned on me. OFF. The refigerator was off. And when I tried pressing buttons to turn it on, nothing happened.

That was when the doorbell rang.

Thing2 said, "Don't answer it." But I said, "It's OK. I can get it."

When I opened the door, my heart sunk. There was K, a lady who we had made an appointment with, and which I had completely forgotten about. She was here to help us sort and store away all our things that we had piled-up in the den. And there she was... I wasn't sure what to do, but I invited her in. I admitted that we weren't expecting her, and I asked her to have a seat because before anything else happened I needed to get the refrigerator turned back on.

Thing2 meanwhile was searching the bookshelf for the manual. I did a quick on-line search. Nothing. Meanwhile, the manual troubleshooting section said to go to the 'How to use the controls' section, which didn't say anything about how to turn it back on!

I decided to try unplugging and plugging back in. No luck.

Back to the internet. Finally I find a forum where someone says that if you hold down the temp and ice buttons for 5 seconds the thing resets. A later comment on the same thread gives the helpful hint that you must do this when the door is open.

I try it, and viola! It's on. Whew! What a relief.

But I still had to deal with K. After talking it over with Thing2, we decided that we could spend a few hours of unplanned work. So I had a quick bowl of cereal and got to work with K.

Now our den is all boxed, and Thing2 and I are exhausted but pleased to have accomplished so much today (although why the refrigerator turned itself off is still a mystery.)


  1. Oh thank god the fridge came back on! i would have been so worried about having to get a new one. And congrats on getting the den organized!