Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things are getting better

I visited my Mom and it was a nice visit. I am happy to report that she's doing better, although she still has an incredibly long and difficult recovery ahead of her.

I did write a post late last week, but I lost my network connection and lost my post. It was about acting before thinking when I saw a jumping spider on the edge of the table. It appeared to be sizing-up the possibility of jumping on to my knee, six-inches away. It was stepping forward, looking this way, looking that way, and then backing-up a few steps... I thought, "I wonder if it is trying to jumpt to my knee.", and I reached-out and put my hand between my knee and the table - and she liketty-split jumped to my hand, then dropped to my knee, skittered down my leg and was off and running away.

Now I read in wikipedia that jumping spiders are considered inquisitive, and may even jump on your hand if you put it near them. Now they tell me...

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  1. I'm glad your Mom is doing better...and pray for her to be recovering well, and soon.

    Spidey's ???? Eeekkkk!