Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stress and drinking

Reading back over my posts, I realized that I didn't mention that my mother came home from the hospital 'Against Medical Advice' (AMA) last Friday.

My brother has been staying with my parents, but he is going home tomorrow.

Dad has already been doing nearly all of Mom's care, but with Bro1's departure, he won't have anyone big and strong to help him move Mom.

Already last weekend I noticed that Dad was having a strong drink at about noon, and chasing it with beer. When he noticed me noticing his drink, he said 'liquid courage'. I mentioned this to a friend of mine, and she reported that when her mother broke her foot, her father also increased his drinking. Neither of our fathers have a history of drinking problems. It it helps him get through this time, then I guess it's what he needs to do.

Meanwhile, my mother is working on figuring-out how she's going to get her stitches removed. She is unable to go to the doctor's office. But she insisted on going home and not to a rehab facility, so now she's got a problem....


  1. I wouldn't think bailing out of the hospital AMA would somehow mean your mother can't get her stitches out. I'd think the docs would want to see how she's progressing....

    Some people drink when stressed. Me, for example. It's worth keeping an eye open to it, especially as the stress diminishes.

  2. Well -- it's just that doctors these days don't make house calls. Thanks for the insight on Dad's situation, I'll keep it in mind.