Monday, July 16, 2012

Coconut Chicken Epilogue

I did try the Coconut Chicken recipe. However, I followed it only loosely. I did not use egg and flower, I just used the ginger, garlic, mustard and coconut. It was tasty, but a bit bland. I purposely did a small batch and held-out 3/4 of the chicken for the next try. At Thing2's suggestion, I decided to try it the second time with two modifications. 1) Add curry to the mixture 2) Let the mixture sit the the refrigerator over night so the spices have a chance to ripen. This evening I'll try it again with the modified process and see how it is. This is similar to what it looked like.


  1. How did the second attempt turn out?

  2. I had the best intentions, but I did not cook tonight... So the spices will ripen another day ;)